Monday, February 18, 2013


  • When changing a spot to train, your concetration increases. In other words, if you are always training on the same obstacles, you get used to it. Thus, the often you train there, the more is the opportunity to get hurt. So, the solution is to search new places to practice parkour!
  • Furthermore, variety is required to keep your different muscles in the right balance. That means, they have to grow in the right relation to each other. That´s unhealthy to have a great six pack compared to a weak back without muscles.
  • It is just more fun, when your training is not monoton and allways the same, but varyable.
  • Die unterschiede machen dein leben lebendiger, vielfaltiger und interessanter, das leben lauft langsamer so erscheint es einem

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

active relaxation

If you try something too hard, a monkey, a roll or whatever and make it too frantic (verspannt). Then you use too much energy for this exercise and you stress certain muscles, which don't have to be used. So the exercise becomes hard and you lose your flow. The solution for this problem is the active relaxation by each exercise you practice. Try to relax you body, don't be too frantic. Do it with ease and grace. So everything will become more fun, easier for your body und will also look awesome. Michael

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dawn in N├╝rnberg

Few days ago, I have decided to get up today at 5:30, cycle to the Altstadt to the Burg in my city Nuremberg. The castle is somehow a town's landmark, from which you can oversee almost the whole city. The sun had to get up at 6:34, so I cycled to the castle, climbed up to the viewing point, and just enjoy the silence and the moment, when almost nobody is on the street but sleeping in their beds :) It was a astounding view from this point, I can't describe it in words. Unfortunately, there were to many clouds to see the sun rising. But I am confident that the next time I will be able to see the sunrise! :) However, I had a great time training on the burg and I also have seen some great spots. I am looking forward to the next time on another spot maybe. But I definitely will repeat the early rising. Michael

Monday, August 27, 2012


At least I have started to learn Flips. The time before I was somehow afraid of them, but I have just started, while a training session in the gym on the mats, and then kept doing 'em. I'll try to move as fast as possible to doing the side-flip outside on grass or sand... Michael

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

(For me) New kind of training

In the next time I will try to test a new king of training way. While jogging I start accelerating and maybe doing a few parkour moves, and then I have to keep in motion and must't stop.
I think it will be pretty hard, as the wish to stop after a small but hard run must be very huge. Well, I will try it out!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I usually don't like jogging around, because it so too boring and too monoton. But if you want to come forward and cover a great distance, in order to come to the next spot, it is a perfect method.

But you must consider, that the faster you are the less spots you will see around you. So sometimes it is really nice to walk and looking aroung, where I can do something.